On Apr 24, the Matrixport payment platform will be replaced with a new electricity card

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On Apr 24, the Matrixport payment platform will be replaced with a new electricity card

We'll be launching a new and improved payment system and removing the Matrixport wallet auto-payment feature to provide a better user experience.


Dear Bitdeer user,

Thank you for your ongoing support. We're excited to announce that on April 24th, we'll be launching a new and improved payment system and removing the Matrixport wallet auto-payment feature to provide a better user experience.

With the new payment system, we'll be introducing the "Electricity Card" feature, which includes:

  • Pre-paid electricity balances for future use
  • Real-time display of electricity card usage details
  • Enter your desired top-up amounts for the electricity card within the eligible top-up limit
  • Ability to pay for electricity bills using the electricity card when combining orders

To learn more about the top-up and use of the electricity card, please refer to the following information:

Electricity Card Top-Up

Click "My Assets" -> "My Electricity Cards" -> "Top Up Now", and enter your top-up amount. Once your top-up order is successful, the corresponding amount will be added to your electricity card balance. Please note that the top-up amount is based on the actual amount received. You can also check your electricity card top-up details in "My Orders."

Important notes:

The electricity card balance is calculated in USD.

The minimum top-up amount is $1. The maximum electricity card top-up limit = Total unpaid electricity fees for all cloud hashrate plans (excluding Fil plans) - remaining electricity card balance.

The electricity card balance can only be used for paying electricity bills for cloud hashrate plans.

Users can only have one electricity card top-up order in progress at a time.

Electricity Card Usage

Manual electricity payment: You can use your electricity card balance to pay for electricity bills when manually placing orders for electricity bills.

Important notes:

Topping up the electricity card does not mean locking in the electricity price. You will be charged based on the real-time electricity unit price at the time of payment.

When manually placing an order for the electricity card top-up, you cannot select both electricity card payment and payment via the payment system. You can only choose one payment method.

If you choose to pay electricity fee with your electricity card balance, an identity verification check will be required for security purposes.

Auto-Payment for Electricity Bills: You can turn on the auto-payment function with your electricity card balance on the cloud hashrate plans pages when or after purchasing a plan.

Important notes:

When you turn on the auto-payment function for the first time, an authorization with identity verification check is required for security purposes.

Once you turn on the auto-payment function, the system will deduct the electricity fees from your electricity card balance when the available electricity days for your cloud hashrate plans are less than three days. The deducted amount will be the cost of three days of electricity fees for the plan.

If you've turned on the auto-payment function and then place an order for electricity bills manually, the system will not recognize the auto-payment setting. However, you can enter auto-payment mode again after the manual order expires.

Please ensure that your electricity card balance is sufficient for payment to avoid failed payments. The system will try to auto-deduct at 11:00 and 17:00 (UTC+8) daily when the available electricity days are less than three days. The available electricity days must be greater than three.

Important reminders:

If your order is currently "in effect," please make the remaining payment for your electricity bills within 30 days of the new payment system launch.

If your order is already "completed," please do not make any additional payments to the order address after the new payment system is launched.

Please be sure to switch to the new payment method to avoid hashrate plan power outages as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact [email protected] for more information.

Best regards,

The Bitdeer Marketing Team

April 17, 2023

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