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Bitdeer BI Download and Brand Color Specifications

Please download and use Bitdeer brand materials and colors, according to the Bitdeer brand specifications

Brand and Logo

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Brand and Logo - Horizontal
Brand and Logo - Vertical

Brand and Logo Description

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    The clever combination of the silhouette of a deer and the shape of clouds is used in the logo. The proud and upright deer embodies the professionalism of the Bitdeer brand name. The nimble and steady shape represents Bitdeer's brand characters of being safe, reliable, innovative, authoritative, responsible, affable, and caring.

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    The cloud silhouette represents Bitdeer’s cloud service and our continued development in cloud service, which includes GPU cloud and ASIC computing power. We are devoted to providing users with expert technical support.

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    Green represents the brand's attitude of being at the forefront of technology, professionalism, environmental protection, standardization, and reliability. Yellow represents our commitment to providing a "customer-centric" service experience that we constantly explore and move forward, creating values for our customers and achieving win-win situations for user value and business value.

  • *Please contact the Bitdeer Marketing team ([email protected]) for logo usage permission.

Brand and Logo Description

Brand Color Specifications

Primary palette for websites and applications

#36D0AC - #60F770



#F76B1C - #FBDA61

#121118 - #313545


The above are standard color schemes in our UI design. Bitdeer's latest color palette consists of six colors. Maintaining a unified brand color scheme can make the brand image more expressive.